BMW E34 – C-stolpe / C-Pillar Sills

BMW E34 ruster temmelig sikkert her…..

Man kan købe nye pladedele til dette fra BMW 🙂

Venstre del / Left C-pillar PN: 41008181707 | 41 00 8 181 707 | 41-00-8-181-707

Højre del / Right C-pillar PN: 41008181708 | 41 00 8 181 708 | 41-00-8-181-708

Cutting more rust out:

Drilling out spotwelds. I don’t know the propersize/location to be able to create tile middle section of 1,2 mm Steel plate. MUST have the BMW Parts PN: 41008181707 & PN: 41008181708 somehow thru the wife filter……

Damit Ihr BMW immer ein BMW blebt

Hard to disconnect the plug in the rear left door – there isn’t enough room for thew plug to be pulled out? 2 small screws holds the outside secure and is also not easy to remove…

Had to pull the lock up and of the secure locking mech.

Start to weld the new 1.2 mm steel plate on. The plate is bigger than needed, as it’s supossed to be bend into shape and fit with the outside sill.